Clonidine and blood glucose - Help!

Anyone take clonidine for blood pressure? I’m interested in your experiences with its side effects.

My PCP took me off a calcium channel blocker due to edema in my feet and ankles, and replaced it with clonidine (alpha agonist). I don’t have many options, I’m already taking a diuretic and beta-blocker and ARB (resistant hypertension).

Since starting clonidine my BG seems to be much more erratic, both highs and lows (but a lot more lows). I’ve already reduced my basal (Lantus) and been more aggressive in meal-time dosing. It’s a suspicion, but I can’t attribute it to anything else.

Anyone have a similar experience?


They gave me Doxazosin alpha blocker for blood pressure and I stopped after 2 days because of intolerable foot/ankle swelling. I didn’t notice any BG effects during that brief time.


my blood pressure has always been naturally LOW, so ive got to drink a LOT of water to keep from falling over from losing my balance.

I was going to b put on Clonadine while I have began tapering off of two years of taking high dosages of Oxycodone (for pain from intense spinal surgery). I have hated being on the pain medication. It makes my head dopey and forgetful , and makes my body feel like I am having hypos all the time.

So I have been on what is called a “sweet detox,” where the doctor lessens my dosage VERY VERY SLOWLY, less and less over a long period of time, rather than have me having a bad reaction to the lessoning of the opioid.

I was going to b put on Clonodine to help relieve me the discomfort of the detox. Apparently this is the most widely used medication to get drug addicts off of whatever drug they have been addicted to. Helps with the heart palpitation, sweats, shakes, etc.

However, unfortunately, I was not able to take the Clonodine bc of my low blood pressure. It would have had me passing out constantly.

I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but I just thought it may help someone else and so I put my 2cents in there.


I can’t tell you anything about clonidine, I have never been on it. You don’t mention what diuretic you are on, but I suspect it is a thiazide (I am not an md). I was on HCTZ for over 30 years, but I recently went off it. I an also on a Ca channel drug (norvasc), and 40 mg Lisinopril. For over a year I was having resistant high blood pressure after fairly good control, and I was starting to retain fluids. My potassium levels were borderline low, and told I needed to increase it. I ended up going off of HCTZ, taking supplements, and eating a banana daily. I had a dramatic improvement in by bp!

I suggest you check your potassium levels and start eating a banana. And I might add, my PCP was doubtful, but for the data.



Thanks for your reply. I am taking 20 Meq potassium daily, and have been for years. My potassium blood work has been right in the middle of the normal range.

What supplements do you take? And thanks for the tip on the banana.

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Jan, my response is not meant as an indictment of your PCP’s knowledge or training. Would it be possible to have your PCP consult with either a nephrologist or a cardiologist to discuss your blood pressure treatment. Both specialize in an area where blood pressure treatment is common and really important to getting good patient outcomes. There are so many possibilities in treatment that recommending one without proper consultation is kind of pointless. Suffice it to say, I would try and ensure your medical team is aware of all of the possibilities rather than hunting around in a more limited experience pool.


I know I am totally out of you gals league, but a banana is good for everything. Eat a banana and you cant go wrong. (I have never found a potassium supplement that comes close to giving our bodies anywhere near the amount of potassium one banana provides…IMHO)

Thanks for your suggestion, it gave me the push that I needed. I got on the phone early today and have an appointment with a cardiologist tomorrow.

Jan, glad to hear it. I hope they are able to chart a clear path for your blood pressure control, it sounded like it is a fairly complicated situation.

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I am taking Clonidine .1mg twice daily for blood pressure. I was initially prescribed .2mg twice daily but my blood pressure was too low (light headed when standing up) so they dropped it back to .1mg.

I don’t notice any other side effects.