Christmas Poem

Posted by my friend in 2008, after her young daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

T’was the night before Christmas

My Dexcom went beep.

And so rudely awoke me,

From a deep, cozy sleep.

The juice boxes are lined up

On my dresser with care.

In the event that I need one,

They will always be there.

Then what to my wondering eyes

Did I find?

But a normal blood sugar,

That gave peace of mind.

I then heard the noises

From downstairs below,

And heard Santa laughing,

Ho ho ho ho ho.

He said to me, now what would you like??

I answered him,

Santa, help me rid of this fright.

I spend my days worried

about the highs and the lows,

and the long term affects,

because nobody knows.

and while visions of sugarplums

dance in my head.

I count all the carbs,

With anxiety and dread.

I so want a cure

For this disease to be gone.

To throw out the insulin

And needles so long!

And Santa said,

The two things you need,

Are things you have now,

Just remember to believe.

The first one is Faith,

and I’m sure you’d agree.

That God’s always there,

Even though you can’t see.

The second is Hope,

and it’s what keeps us going,

so pray for all people,

and your faith will keep growing.

And then with a wink

And a twitch of his nose,

He blew me a kiss

And up the chimney he rose.

So I sat by the tree

And I said a long prayer,

For families with diabetes,

Who were full of despair.

I felt very peaceful,

Full of much Christmas cheer;

And thanked God for that insulin,

That keeps her here! :slight_smile: