29 years old changed my life

I was diagnosed december 21, 2006 (yes Ill never forget the date). I was told a week before that i may have it and the dr wanted to redo the blood test as i may have had something sugary that day. I went back in and had the blood test redone. She wanted to make an appt with me to review the results. i was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was devistated and really wished i didnt say what i said when i was 7 or 8 years old. I watched a tv article on diabetes and said outloud i hope i never get diabetes. I was brave the day i found out until i went to the drug store to get the supplies, etc. I cried on how much i spent as i didnt have insurance yet (i lost my job the week before and wasnt signed up for cobra yet). I called my then boyfriend to meet me at the drs office. I was crying in the office. I was just so devistated. I then was to make an appt with the endo who said I had LADA as my dr didnt know what type as i was as it was coming up as inconclusive. He taught me a bit more about it, etc. He also told me my kidneys were in the beginning of shutting down so i was put on lisinpril right away.

I had my ex do the first shot in my arm that night. I was screaming and crying as i didnt want to do it at all. it would take me forever to even do a shot. Time went by and i learned a lot more. I had to accept the fact that i was a diabetic. in nov/dec of 2008 i didnt take good care of myself with the diabetes due to not having any insurance at all (I was living in NY at the time). i moved back home and was at 13% and a sugar level of 500. i went to the joslin clinic where i was set up with a dr, etc. In 2010 i went onto my first insulin pump named kermit. Then yoda and now tardis. I use the animas vibe pump with the dexcom CGM that is built into it. Ive come along way and still learning as time goes on. I am teaching a friend of mine who is a type 2 diabetic. i know i still have a long way to go but do hope there is a cure soon. i have a tattoo that has type 1 diabetic and the date i was diagnosed. if there is a cure, the cure date will go under it so people know how long ive had the disease.