Chloroquine and the president

I’ll only take them if I’m around mosquitos in which case they’ve been approved for decades.

It’s a simple risk /reward Analysis… risk= essentially none, potential reward=not dying. Doesn’t take a brilliant evidence based clinician to pencil that one out.

These are some of the most widely used drugs on the planet for reasons far less critical… it’s not like its some crazy concoction someone cooked up in a basement that nobody knows anything about the risks

They weren’t the slightest bit controversial until the president expressed optimism about them. I see what’s going on here.

Yes dr Birx and Fauci are brilliant—- and they weighed in and said they should be fast tracked, as did the fda…


Booo. Bad move

Let’s not make the main forum political. Thank you.

The ones barking about how reckless treatments are just because they hate the president are the ones making it political

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The reason these are all of a sudden controversial, which they never were before, is because the president has been optimistic about their potential and cnn and msnbc, as per usual, piled on their political antagonists and trolls to make it sound like he was advocating something reckless.

We all know that.

These medications weren’t the slightest bit controversial before last week
We don’t know if they work. There is some evidence they may, but not in the perfect forms we’d like to study it in which would take years. We know their minimal risks certainly outweigh the significant risks of dying.


There have been no double blind placebo controlled studies to prove that one shouldn’t lick subway handrails in New York City in April 2020… but I’m convinced if certain people cautioned against it a lot of the people in this country would line up to do it

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If this translates to humans, T2s better watch out:

In not aware of any counter indications they’re both so widely taken the world over

We aren’t mice

Apparently it has some anti hyperglycemic properties itself so can lower blood sugar… so I suppose diabetic patients need to be aware of that

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The study does appear to have some flaws:

Yeah you can overdose on anything. Nobody is suggesting for Hydroxychloroquine except cnn