CGM alarms and partners - what's your experience?


Ha! Totally! And he does when he can (hence pumping versus 10 years before of MDI, being able to suspend the insulin is really helpful). But I would guess that maybe 50% of his waking hours are unplanned or have unexpected stuff crop up. That is the bummer about not exercising consistently - it’s really hard to plan for the diabetes.

Also, I think the basal changes and the I:C changes that we just did aren’t for the best. And we also think that the duration of insulin action is wrong, so stacking is happening more now than it should since he is using the pump to predict what to do most of the time. Will be working on this today!


Chris, new member here. Our T1 Daughter goes to college later this year. She sleeps through all alarms. I have been picturing the bed shaker idea as well. Anyluck with it yet?



Which cgm does your daughter have?
Is she on a pump also?


Dexcom G6 and Omnipod


I have had some luck in setting up a system that will do this, however, it is not as easy as I was hoping. When I have time I will put out more detail on the project. But for now I will describe what I did so you can follow. Better instructions to come later.

Dexcom Sensor with Share enabled
NightScout site on Heroku
IFTTT (If That Then This)
Internet enabled Outlet Plug
Plug Splitter
Bed Shaker that rumbles whenever it is plugged in. i.e. no other controls on it.

We are still looking into how best to configure things so it acts the way we want.

I really wish Dexcom could integrate directly with IFTTT