CGM alarms and partners - what's your experience?


God love your husband, I honestly can’t imagine saying that to you. If I tried that with my wife, she would laugh in my face.


Do any of the rest of you who use a Dex not have anyone follow you? While on the one hand, the appeal especially regarding safety makes sense, I also find the idea super invasive on this gut level, and as someone who has never had a super serious low (involving loss of consciousness or a seizure or anything like that), it’s not something I’ve deemed worth overcoming that strong resistance at this point. But I’m wondering if I’m in the minority on that… I often show my partner my Dex app, but I just don’t like the idea of anyone else having complete access to it.

I’m actually recovering (very very slowly…) from frozen shoulder right now, although I think my EDS may mean that even with frozen shoulder, my shoulder still had more mobility than most people with the condition have. But I had no problems putting on my sensors at the worst of it, though I might have if I didn’t use my stomach and wanted to put it on the back of my arm or something. I can see where it would be handy for someone to know those things in case of emergency, but I guess I’ll just deal with it if it comes up? My partner has tested her own blood sugar before, so I’m sure she could manage checking mine if need be.


My husband lives to test my limits. I know he wasn’t kidding, but once he realizes that he’s in danger of getting lectured (and my lectures can last for days), he’ll try to pass it off as joking. It’s not joking. It’s also probably not real. 21 years in, and I still spend more time than you can imagine trying to figure out why he does what he does. Either way, I’m on day 5, and he still isn’t following… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@cardamom, I’ve only recently (like in the last year and a half) started having my mom be aware of my numbers, and it drove me up the wall at first with all the unwanted attention. However, it made it more difficult for me to ignore my own numbers. Now I like it for different reasons… I actually kind of like them knowing so that they can intervene when I’m in a tricky situation. Sometimes my kids are trying to make me crazy, and my mom will step in so that I can grab some sugar tabs… or my husband won’t ask me to feed the cat when he Saar I’m crashing fast. It’s the awareness I like so they’ll help me be able to take care of myself.

Which now kind of makes sense… that my husband doesn’t want to follow. It’s nit that he does want the vilonce,… or my hip. Anyway u think blue is lovely, t


Right. An “emergency planning” type of thing. I don’t want to test for him ever really, but being able to hand him a kit and ask him to test is nice.

Although my take-away from last night was this: if the meter says low and the Dex says low and a second meter says low, it’s time for Juice no matter what Eric says. Really testing can go out the window IMO if a 34 has shown up, carbs immediately and then we can fix it the correction was in error.

And as far as not wanting another person/your partner following @cardamom…I think to each their own probably. I get the privacy angle, but EH and I threw that out the window years ago, so maybe that’s part of it? We are a weird couple. That I know. :smile:

He doesn’t always catch the Dex alarms on his phone (actually, frequently misses them - and if he’s wearing headphones and the Dex alarms it nearly deafens him, it’s apparently painfully loud I guess.) But I will often notice them on Share. So I then nudge him to deal with it. Otherwise he just doesn’t notice it.

And @Nickyghaleb, the lecture would be legendary from me too if I were you. Maybe he feels like he’s got his hands full (work, kids, whatever)? Or maybe he thinks it’s going to be wrong like the Medtronic pump and sensor? Or is he a worrier? (I sense the answer is no…) But I think you’re on top of stuff so much that you will gain a lot from the Dexcom I hope! Even sans followers!


Ditto :slight_smile:

I can understand that. Looking at it from the other side, I imagine many partners ( I am extrapolating from being a father) feel frustrated not being able to help their PWD partner, and being able to be a second line of alarms must be somewhat comforting to them. In particular, the thought that something bad could happen to your partner and you would not wake up to help would be a horrifying thought to live with, if something did happen.

@Nickyghaleb, mazel tov on the Dexcom!!!


Couldn’t have said it better myself. :thinking:

I write things while I am pretty much asleep. :roll_eyes:

I’m going to have to spend some time with this one and try to figure out the deeper meaning in it because hmmmm. :woman_facepalming:


As a G4 user, there’s no following anyway, but if it was possible, for me I wouldn’t see the point. Is my partner going to phone me from work and tell me I’m going low? Wouldn’t I already know that? I don’t sleep through my alarms, either. I can certainly see the usefulness if you’re keeping an eye on young children overnight or during illness, or you sleep like the dead, but otherwise, no. It’s not a privacy or intrusiveness thing, it just serves no purpose for me.


I will say that following my son eases communication in our house rather than invades his privacy. It stops the “Is he acting funny because he is low, or just a 15 year old”. Which 99% of the time is just because he is a 15 year old.

Also if the follower only has an urgent low alarm during the day, then it is really unobtrusive, it allows me to check 1/2 times a day that things are going well, and we have a deal that if an urgent low goes off, he will text that he is treating. Other than that life goes on, if I am making dinner I will look at his track and decide on an early or late dinner due to bg, without having to ask. it just lets us make his life smoother without talking about it. I feel like our ability to adjust things without asking, is a good thing.


Me, right now :smile:

My boyfriend was my follower when I was on the G5, but he’s been deployed (Navy) the entire time I have been on the G6, and most of the time I was on Libre/MiaoMiao/Spike so I hadn’t bothered or hadn’t been able to set those up.

It was kind of pointless to have him as a follower but it was pretty comical. I am fully functional at most levels of low (down to the 30s) and can handle getting carbs for myself, etc, so there is not a huge need for someone to check up on me. But when he would get an urgent low alarm (the only ones he had on), I would get a text saying “are you dying” and if I didn’t respond to that the phone calls would start. I can think of one time I wasn’t watching my phone, I was like doing my makeup or something, and then when I finally get back to my phone I see Dexcom telling me I’m urgently low, my boyfriend texted me like 10 times, called me 3 times, and my roommate texting me 3 times because my boyfriend called her and told her I was low and not responding, she was about ready to race home from work to check on me. And then I’m just texting everyone like “I was fine! Just didn’t hear my phone! Whoops!” :sweat_smile: The concern was adorable but not neccessary.


For what it’s worth, if I had a diabetic kid, I’d totally be following their Dex, so that makes sense to me that parents are doing it. And it also makes sense to me that there are couples that do too; I was just curious how many other adults wouldn’t do it. And I agree @Beacher, I don’t think it would serve much of a purpose for me. As it is, it can be a little annoying (but tolerably so, especially since the intent is clearly good) sometimes to explain that I’m still low or high (when alarms are going off) not because there’s any additional action I need to take, but because the action I have taken hasn’t kicked in yet but almost definitely will be adequate once it does.

Hahaha that’s funny and exactly the kind of thing that would happen if my partner followed me.


I offered it to my wife but she declined because she’s seen over the years that I take care of it myself before I get into trouble. And for me the Dex is reliable enough that I can depend on it to alert me before there’s a problem.


I did that today. Technically tonight. EH was playing competitive ping pong and he was suddenly, and I mean in like two minutes, at LOW double arrows down. I called. (And I rarely ever call anyone on the telephone.)

I think I am worried now, more than any other point in our D life, because he’s dropping low suddenly and is not aware of it anymore. This is a new feature as of like this week. Literally since I started replying on this thread. :roll_eyes:

Clearly, some pump settings need to be tweaked (again) and we are working on that. But I am afraid we are going to go from those people who don’t need the ER to those people who do.


I know you guys will get this figured out. And hey, if you need the ER, that is what it is there for. I am guessing you won’t need it though.


Was EH using a reduced basal for this event?


No, because he doesn’t usually play competitive ping pong. I guess there’s a random competitive ping pong Olympic training facility that a friend of his was going to, so he tagged along and then jumped in? Who would’ve thought ping-pong would be so intense!? As soon as his blood sugar started to drop, when I called, he suspended his pump and drank a Gatorade and then ate a GU packet! So he had 50+g of carbs, before things leveled out.

That is a good point. And I really hope you’re right! I’m sure you will be right.

(Sorry @Katers87 for hijacking your thread. I have realize that sharing in the anonymity of a different thread is actually appealing sometimes. :wink:)


No worries! Still feels relevant!

I hope you guys are able to tweak the basal rates so as to avoid those lows. It sounds like they might be exercise induced. Some temp basal rates on days when he anticipates he’ll be more active might help.


Totally makes sense.


I’ve never had anyone follow me. Saying my relationship with my family is complicated is a massive understatement, so that would never happen with my parents.

I might consider something like that in the future with a partner, but I haven’t wanted to do that yet. It feels invasive and like I’m asking someone to take care of me, and I don’t like that feeling. Sometimes I’m a little too independent for my own good. sigh


I am waiting on the Tandem mobile app to be released. I think 2019 Q1 ?? Kind of a guess.

But then when I see the Dex Folllow showing low then I will also be able to see if the Basal-IQ kicked in as well as check the IOB to make sure it all looks like reasonable going to handle itself. Or the other way, if the Dex Follow shows high then I will be able to see on the Tandem App if a bolus has been given and what the IOB and basal rates are.


That would be fabulous to be able to see the insulin stoppages. I look forward to that.