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Which model did you get? How do you like it?


I got the oldest (cheapest!) compatible model, Series 1. It’s been a big help to me for all kinds of activities so I am not always having to tug my phone out of a pocket/purse. (I think that will be a real asset for cross-country skiing this winter.) Set-up had some quirks. :scream_cat: :smiley_cat: Battery life is good (2 days) and the watch charges quickly. Alerts with a quiet tone and a haptic signal. I haven’t worn a watch in years so I have been pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying wearing it. :smiley_cat:


I don’t know how the watches are setup for Dex. I know you can get the time by just looking at the watch, but do you need to push a button to see your BG number?

I came up with a cool workaround on the old Dex receiver that let me see the BG number every 5 minutes without any button pushes needed. It seemed like a good trick to use for exercise. I don’t use Dex for running anymore, but there may be a similar thing you can do with the watch if it does not show you the BG number by itself.


Turns out that depends on which watch face you choose: not all can display the Dex “complication”. If I want more than just the current reading, Wiith one tap it displays right away (the Dex app is the first item on my dock) so I can see the trend info (same as on the Dex receiver). Sometimes it takes two taps (coincides, I think, with the app’s 5 minute update intervals).


Do you always have to tap for it?


No, the current number displays on the watchface but if you want to see a trend line or it shows 3 dots (updating) then yes, you must tap. Not all the watch faces will show the Dex info; those that do are shown on the Dex support page.


If you have a low or high alarm, does it automatically show, or do you need to tap it?


LOL, that’s the cool thing, ping and tap often occur before the alarm sounds on the phone!


The opening quotation for class tonight is from Jack Kornfield’s charming book, Buddha’s Little Instruction Book:

“Whatever we cultivate in times of ease, we gather as strength for times of change.”



This thread is always looking for some good quotes:


Another reason to do yoga: