CatLady’s Yoga Thread



I was Tae Bo Master. Billy Blanks. I was a shadow boxing and shadow kicking-to-the-beat FOOL.

He had an Advanced cassette tape that I would do every morning. For like 10 years. I have never been in better shape.

But I’m guessing you were asking in a funny way and didn’t expect me to admit all of that…


Dang. I didn’t expect that at all… Someone did buy those cassettes! In seriousness though, I bet you were in good shape if you worked out like that!


I celebrated the whole catalogue.

Except this one…
image https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiI_qnUqOTdAhXJnrMKHclABzQYABBRGgJxbg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2INLugJ__WwC9eoW-KUr9XZ_rHRa2_JT7NApMewlzDpSvlBdDOikDHDSefPp-PR22n53SjGKDh0zAgAy09nw9&sig=AOD64_1JOD1wPng6kt5aoISc81ubA9elfg&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjF8KLUqOTdAhVCJt8KHaNODeUQwg8IzwE&adurl=

Don’t know how I missed this one. :grin:


Me too.


You guys are a hoot (as we say here in Eastern Idaho) but I am taking back my yoga thread to announce I have been assigned a regular class teaching beginners yoga!! Wish me…equanimity! :woman_in_lotus_position:t3:


Hey, congrats!

I am sorry about the silliness I put in there last night. Someone should restrict my access after midnight. :grinning:




So wished! I’ll send good thoughts and prayers your way, although something tells me you’re already there :slight_smile:


Yay! Congratulations!

But I do remember Tae Bo since we had to do it all the time for softball conditioning…and I remember them taking pictures of us doing it and just praying that it didn’t end up in the yearbook. I never saw the boys’ baseball team using Tae Bo for conditioning!


Congratulations! :bouquet:

Are you prepared? As much as one can be??


And I’ll just say this… that someone should also restrict MY access after midnight. I saw this in the middle of the night and woke up thinking I had had a nightmare. :grin:

But those pants… at least you didn’t put me in something unflattering. :roll_eyes:

@CatLady, my apologies. Back to yoga and your very good news!


Thanks, and yes, as much as a new teacher can be! Like yoga itself, teaching takes practice and so over time I will find my balance (so to speak). :pray:


Love using my new Apple Watch! I got distracted before class last night and forgot to reduce my basal. Glanced at the Dex display on the watch several times and took in some quick carbs twice. Happily this was not a faster, flow-type class or I might have been in trouble!


Just a brief update:

I am only now realizing the extent to which teaching a class, in terms of D management, is so different from taking one. As a student, I can always go into a resting pose and check my BG—no disruption to anyone else. As a new teacher, I am so focused on keeping on track with postures and sequences through the hour and watching the students to offer cues or assistance that I forget to check my BG. I didn’t run into any big problems yesterday (increased about 20 points by the end of class—probably due to a bit of anxiety!) but simply realized afterwards that I had not checked once during class! I also need to consult with a senior teacher on how to keep the class going if I need to take a few moments to manage pump settings or to take care of a low BG and need to carb up and rest (which, of course, I am trying to avoid). Namaste!


Glad you are teaching! That is such a wonderful thing to do.

From experience of being in a class, I would say my best instructor would put us in a hold pose, i.e. Down Dog or a Warrior pose (something that is relatively easy to hold) and then wander the room to correct or offer help, that would be one time where when you are going to wander and help you always start with a BG measurement.

Second time that comes to mind is when doing the ab strengthening portion of the class. The instructor rarely participated, and that would also be a great time to check your Bg.


One very simple suggestion that might help is to have a few strips taken out of the vial ahead of time. Just have them sitting on a table or something, next to your meter.

Trying to remove a single strip from the vial is probably the most time-consuming part of the whole testing process!


Those are both good suggestions, thanks!


Lol, I got an Apple Watch so my CGM data is easy to access…I just completely forget to look! :smile_cat:


Apple watch! Well, it doesn’t get any easier than that. If you forget to look…you are on your own, CL!


Quote for class today, from Deepak Chopra:

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you.