Book Recommendation

“A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness” authored by Brandy Barnes (founder of Diabetes Sisters) and Dr. Natalie Strand (T1D who won Amazing Race - she’s awesome)

I ordered this book specifically to see what they had to say about female hormones/cycles/perimenopause/etc. Those sections do include more information than I’ve seen in any other resource so far. More on that another time.

The book as a whole is very enjoyable, very useful, and has hit close to home on several topics in a useful way. My “mom guilt” of prioritizing certain T1D self-care activities over family activities is one area I am working on re-engineering (pre-bolusing at home and waiting to eat when the food is already plated for everyone? prioritizing my own exercising over hanging out with my kiddos when I’ve been at work all day? you get the idea).

I highly recommend this resource to all my ladies out there.


Also highly recommend:

This book devotes about 4-5 pages each to 52 amazing scientists in history who happen to be women. You will not have heard of many of them due to their names being overwritten by male colleagues, their admission to academic organizations being barred due to gender, and a refusal to put them on the payroll or give them the title of “professor” even while they voluntarily taught university classes and performed research in vacant attic space for free.

FUD Women: We’ll need to be Headstrong Together if we’re going to improve women’s diabetic healthcare for all of us. We deserve so much better than one self-reporting survey from 1996 to guide us through the bulk of our diabetic existence.