Blood sugar rise caused by infection

Can an infection cause a rise in blood glucose to above 200, in this case to 220. Never herd of this. Had someone say they were sick hadn’t eaten gor two days went to hospital, results from blood test showed 220 but were told they weren’t diabetic that ingectiond could cause that. They never went and got checked by doctor after. I say no. Looking for any input. Any way i recommend they go to there doctor an get checked out


Yes, I believe they can even in non diabetics. If you are asking about diabetics, my son has had a couple of pump site infections and his blood sugar has gone through the roof.


Yes for sure, infection can cause elevated blood sugar even in nondiabetics.


Same here, when we have site infections (or mist any sickness) BG goes up big time for us. The effect lasts often a week longer for us beyond any visible infection and antibiotic use.

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I am not a doctor.

But my advice would be that that person should test their blood sugar. General suggestion is fasting (< 99) and at a random time of the day (>200).