Better alarming for signal loss?

We had several discussions a few years ago about better alarming. None of the options at the time really worked for me.

I am wondering if there are newer technology options for producing obnoxious, super-long alarms at night? I could use a better way to deal with signal loss. I have a really hard time waking up to alarms, and my Dexcom alarms are hit-and-miss.


Unfortunately, none that I am aware of. I asked the developer of SugarMate if he would be building the same functionality for highs / disconnects with the phone calls as currently exists for lows. He said he had those things in his backlog for some future release. But he was bought out and even though he still overseas the SugarMate department Iā€™m not sure where those things fall in the priorities.

High and disconnect phone calls would be great i think. The low phonecalls have been a wonderful thing in the Martin house.