Best Diabetes Inspirational Message Gift

For the Talladega Nights fans out there…

Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrel) is a washed-up Nascar driver who was spooked by a crash. He had to learn how to “Drive with the Fear” to get back to racing.

My husband has hilariously adapted this mantra for me in the last month to “Diabetes with the Fear”. I’ve been trying to get back to my pre-parenting blood sugar control and really get proficient and comfortable with pump basals, temp basals, etc.

So he got me a Talladega Nights shirt of Ricky Bobby’s comeback Nascar hood artwork. The cougar represents his fear.

Anyway…I loved this gift. I will “Diabetes with the Fear” from now on.


I almost pee my pants everytime I watch that part of the movie.

He nonchalantly says “Been keeping it in the bathroom at my motel, feeding it old pizza”


Awesome!!! And what a lovely hubby and ‘supportster’ :grinning: