Beating a dead horse (smart watches)


This is good to know and it seems that it may actually accomplish what we had intended for Liam in the first place (having a single place to see sugars with the ability to share that data with others.) Perhaps the teacher/nurse could/would hold onto the receiver and/or phone anyway, or we could just leave them at home. Definitely something we will test before school starts if we go the way of the Sony SW. Since one of our 504 accommodations is to allow Liam to remain connected to the school wi-fi at all times, this should work.

Thanks for this information!


Be aware that this was also in ours, but that, in the three years we spent in middle school, it never worked properly for technical reasons, due to the needs to sign-in and to the school-wide login time-outs. So this never worked well. In fact, we ended up having to rely on broadband, and purchased a broadband contract with a different provider that had better coverage through the school than our original one. Hopefully you will be luckier.


That is great he’s able to have WiFi connection at school. This should work but please test, just enable the watch WiFi as it isn’t always enabled by default.


I’m asking some local parents right now…will let you know.


The setup with the watch only works with Android watches, right?

I have a Fitbit Ionic that I bought last year because of the promise that it would work with Dexcom in late 2018. It’s now 2019 and there’s no word at all whether it will ever work with Dexcom. Very frustrating. So in future I will probably get a different watch.

I was using the G4 until recently and to be honest I’m very much hating the G5 on my phone. I like having the readings on my phone as an option, but the app looks horrendous to me (not my idea of a pretty user interface or colour scheme!), and the alerts in particular drive me crazy. Even on Do Not Disturb the phone will alarm, and I’ve had it alarm and interrupt meeting at work, phone calls, and instructional videos I was in the middle of recording. It seems if I turn sound alerts off that I just get no alerts, period. I don’t know how to set it to vibration only alerts nad have it respect that choice. So it’s pushed me closer to wanting the t:slim just so I don’t have to deal with the iPhone app. But I do like th rides of a watch, probably an Apple Watch as it’s most accessible (though I haven’t looked at Android watches in a while and I do believe they have improved accessibility), which I believe I need an iPhone to use.


Yes, only with Android Wear watches and paired with an Android phone w/ xDrip+ sw installed.

If I’m not mistaken, I think xDrip+ (on Android phone) has a new feature to support Fitbit, but not a standalone configuration (Fitbit does NOT communicate directly w/ the Dexcom). You might want to check w/ the xDrip+ developers.

I’m also using G5 but w/ xDrip+ which has excellent support for customized alarms.

Some people will get a second, inexpensive Android phone just for xDrip+/Dexcom use. The Unihertz Jelly is good for this. I bought one when it was still on Kickstarter but I think you get get them on eBay now. They are tiny. It is a good backup, smartphone (for data-only or as voice and data). Battery is not that great though.


It annoys me, because last year Fitbit announced that it would support Dexcom directly in late 2018. Nothing came of that and there’s no signs anything ever will. Sigh.

I’m an iOS user and don’t see that changing anytime soon, mostly for accessibility reasons. Android accessibility, despite its huge improvements in recent years, still lags behind iOS accessibility considerably.