Bagels -- The Perfect Food for Blood Sugar Management

Sometimes, the best food for blood sugar control is not what you think. This is Samson’s BG 4 hours after eating a bagel for breakfast. It’s kinda funny – for us this is kind of a “parenting fail” because it meant we were too lazy/busy to cook something healthier or encourage him to eat something healthy. We were in a big rush today and running late. But almost every time, bagels lead to a rock-steady BG line:

I’m curious for others – what’s a “funny” or unconventional food that most people say is a diabetes no-no that you tend to have good success with??


I’m just the opposite. A whole bagel for me is a trip beyond 300 no matter how much insulin I bolus for it.

I’ve yet to find a food that will give me a line like that! Bad parenting my a**!


Bagels are the one thing that’s impossible for me.

If you consider giving your son a bagel, a parenting fail, you are a far more evolved parent than I. Just give him a double shot latte and he will be eating like a college kid, complete with the carb dose and the big bucket of milk that makes strong bones.


The only way I’d get that line with a bagel is if I only ate the hole. :grin:


I swear you get the makes-me-laugh-out-loud-the-most-frequently prize.

And @TiaG, keep doing whatever you’re doing. That is excellent!

EH had a flatline day yesterday and we couldn’t figure out why. But we were happy. :smile:

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I hope I’m making jokes in at least half of those comments. :grin:

Wait… I saw a funny picture for these kinds of days. I’ll have to go locate it.

But in case I don’t make it back, high five!

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My first post in this forum - OP that is great…in my 38 years of T1, the one “no go” food for me has been bagels. I actually thought the thread was going to be about what foods were good to treat low blood sugars!

I can’t really think of anything that I eat that is unconventional. Maybe breakfast cereal. Every morning for breakfast I have a combo bowl of Life and Cheerios Multigrain cereal with whole milk. I know that with 7 units of Fiasp I will be good all morning…a rise to maybe 165-170 and then settling nicely to the good range within an hour or so. I’ve been doing that for a long time (decades) with success…I am fortunate to have good control though it as we all know it takes constant vigilance.


Welcome to FUD @Kevinmr!

Glad you’ve found a breakfast combo that works for you and that you enjoy!

We all certainly find that YDMV (your diabetes may vary) around here - milk and cereal would be tough for my partner to have for breakfast, he always skyrockets with Cheerios. But everyone’s different. :slight_smile: I’m glad you can share your experiences with us - 38 years of T1 means you’ve probably got some good things to share!!

Feel free to introduce yourself over here: Welcome, introduce yourself here!

I don’t agree with this at all. It shouldn’t be considered a “parenting fail” to give your kid a bagel…we don’t live in the 1950’s anymore with the Cleavers and the Griffiths. It’s a new era where both parents are stretched thin all day long, every day. There is nothing “fail” about giving your kid a bagel.

Anyone saying that should get their head examined.

Liam loves Bagels and they have similar reaction to his BG. Just a plain bagel with Cream cheese on it.