Auto mode - Loop

After being in auto mode for 12 hours I am being asked to calibrate my sensor. Once I calibrate
the sensor I am being asked to Enter BG again. Whh thien I do that, I am asked to Calibrate again.

This loops for some time. Some times It says change sensor, other times this looping takes hours.

Whats the issue with this? The CGM is working fine and has the correct BG value.

Any help with this looping would be great


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Do you know about the 35% rule?

@mikev1963, I have no idea what you know about the way this works, but here is a video on the 35% rule for calibration. I also have a video on the BG Required notification loop and how to handle it, but I will wait to hear back from you so I don’t just spam. :slight_smile:

I did review your video.

I don’t think this is the 35% rule.

My SG (Pump) was reading 120, My calibration number from my meter was 135.

Not sure why I got put into this look.

I am a fan of your youtube videos.



Yeah, that’s definitely not a problem with 35% then. Do you know how to calculate your calibration factor? It seems to be the other problem, but the rules aren’t as clear. It’s the only other time I’ve seen problems, and it can happen with even matching BG and SG. I’ve tried to track it, but it just doesn’t happen all that often. The two times I had a problem, I had nearly matching BG/SG, but my calibration factor was at 9 or 10. I had to choose a lower (made up) BG with a factor under 8, and it ended the loop. Both times the values were within 35%.

Who has time for this?? :roll_eyes:

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