Anyone hear/know about this ? From 2014

The paper alluded to by this article is:

Garth Cooper, mentioned in the article, discovered amylin in the late 1980s. There is now an amylin analog called pramlintide that can be used as an injectable before every meal to decrease post-prandial BG spikes—but it already existed as a treatment in the early 2000s.

I have found the following papers that appear to be related and posterior:

The paper discusses the effect of an excess of human amylin in transgenic mice: it appears to cause diabetes, or insulin resistance and obesity.

This paper discusses the positive effect of rutin, a plant flavonol, on human amylin and on human-amylin transgenic mice.

I can’t find anything significant outside of those mice studies. Possibly someone else will be more successful?

Thank you so much

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This (Pramlintide - Amylin) is also known as Symlin.

I’m looking forward to reading the articles.

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