Anyone else have a "munchies" BG zone?

Anyone feel like eating (and drinking) everything in sight when in a particular BG range? For me, if I’m in the 120-130s, no matter how long it’s been since I ate, no matter if I’ve risen to that or dropped to that (and no matter how fast or slow the rise/drop), I have a serious case of the munchies. It’s gotten to where I almost always know if I’m in that range because of it.

When I get super low I am that way. But not before.

Possibly for you the BG change is causing it, not just the BG number. Like if you are at 120 but dropping…

Same as @Eric for me! This is where you getting your cgm is going to be fascinating to track the drop!

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It’s fun to shop when you feel the drop!

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i just always get the munchies between my meals and before bed. particularly anything that has some crunch to it :blush:

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It’s hard watching my husband eat cookies or chips sometimes…