Any way to get the decimal points back on Clarity "time in range" measure?

Clarity recently updated the look of its data reporting, so that the time spent urgent low, low, in range and high now look slightly different:

The problem is that they’re now rounding the decimals, which is a problem for us. I use less than 0.5% of the time <55 mg/dL (my “urgent low” threshold) as one of the main targets for avoiding lows. Now it just says “0%.” But there’s a huge difference between 0.4% and 0% for this metric. Has anyone figured out a way to get this information back? I was looking at Night Scout data but it’s also rounding on its reports. Short of exporting all my data into Excel (a pain in the neck), any other ideas?

My wife and I were just looking at their new layout also and we can definitely tell this was made for adults in mind because small fractions matter to babies and toddlers.

We had 4 urgent lows this week but ours still shows 0% also. I’ve written to them to see if they can think about babies/toddlers when developing these things, or at the very least; provide the ability for the customer to decide the fraction level that make up those numbers.

It is not ideal, but if you go to the daily or hourly statistics under statistics you can get more granular data. Not ideal, but better than a sharp stick in the eye.

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