Another valuable lesson: check infusion site cannula

If your child eats a typical meal, you bolus (and micro-bolus if it’s part of your regimen), and you don’t see any decline in BG after some time; instead the BG’s continue to rise and rise inexplicably…don’t sit around with your significant other (or alone) and theorize on what could have caused it…maybe we bolused too soon? Maybe we bolused too late? Maybe he’s sick? Maybe, maybe, maybe…

First, check the POD (or w/e pump site) to make sure the cannula hasn’t unseated with the cannula not even under the skin…so he or she is getting zero insulin. :frowning:

We bolused Liam…micro-bolused as we always do and he just continued to rise. I just piled on more insulin thinking something isn’t quite right (maybe it was the 5 Pringles chips he ate (which he doesn’t usually have, but we bolused him for them)…so I ended up putting 1.5 units “into him”…and after an hour, …for the first time EVER, we got a “HIGH” reading on his actual PDM…which means, at a minimum, his BG was 500.

I couldn’t understand so I just started checking his site and sure enough, the front of it had come unstuck and the cannula wans’t even under his skin; it had popped out. So Erin and I quickly changed it out (it was expiring anyway) and bolused him 1 unit to start…it’s not gone down yet, but I just wanted to throw out the comment that, just like computer problems…always start with the EASY fixes first (restart the computer…and always check the physical pump site.)

His earlier meals looked GREAT for breakfast and lunch…but between lunch and dinner, he went outside and played with his brothers. Somewhere during his running around, the cannula came out.

I checked his ketones and they were only small/moderate, so hopefully we’ve caught/fixed this before it became too big a problem (DKA).

Here’s what it looks like. :frowning: It’s been a rough week for his sugars this week.

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Ouch. Really sorry:(

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We’ve done this before… with the site either unplugged, the pump suspended, or the needle dislodged from the skin. It really sucks! And it’s so easy to let these things slip because most of the time, the 300 IS because of food or some other normal factor.

I feel like for us we just need to have a set protocol in place when he’s above, say, 300… check ketones, check site, check pump, prime pump, check pump battery, etc. Otherwise it’s too easy to get into this theoretical philosophizing instead of taking action. We don’t always succeed at following our own best practices thoguh :frowning:

So sorry you’re experiencing this.


He’s finally back to normal, but it was 5 hours of hell. :frowning: Valuable lesson learned through this experience.

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What did it take to bring him back stable in range?

I guessed that 1 unit was enough and it ended up being just enough to bring him down almost perfectly. It just took the insulin actually making it into his body, for it to work. lol

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