Ambulatory Glucose Profile in Clarity?

Clarity just released a new data tool, called Ambulatory Glucose Profile. Does anyone know anything about it? What is the clinical basis for this metric and does it have any predictive value above and beyond HbA1C?

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It’s a really cool presentation!

With AGP, you collapse all the data of the period in a 24 hour profile, and you show the track with multiple colors and thicknesses, that show the average as a single line, the 25% and 75% percentile lines up and down, and the 10th and 90% percentiles. So you can really see the distribution – I find it a really great visual tool – I did not know it was available on Clarity!

Supercool! I would never have noticed it if you had not mentioned it! As an example, this is my son’s AGP for the past 14 days:

OK - I am finding a limitation on the AGP. It is a standard report that the doctors like because you can compare a patient to any other. But it also means there is zero customization – in particular, you cannot superimpose a range that you find useful.

For instance, I couldn’t care less about the 70-180 range for which the report gives you all kinds of in-range data: for me, what counts is the 70-120 time in range etc.

Still, really nice visualization report :slight_smile: