Afrezza Inhaler 15 Day

I have a question for Afrezza users. Do you really need to change out the inhaler every 15 days? Do you find any issues with using it say for a couple of months… I still have tons of Fiasp and want to use both together and not likely to go thru half this box in 15 days. So far though it’s been awesome stuff, I had it with my morning oatmeal and had the yellow 12u pod, I didn’t even wait and it went from 100 to about 90 and then up to 145 and down to about 88. I typically have about 10u for my oatmeal and have to wait about 30min for eating. The first time I took it I was afraid it wouldn’t work and I would hit 400. I liked the short tailed duration as well. I think if they could get the price down it would be way more popular, also they should work on the packaging, the boxes are big and eat up fridge space.


Hi @SFBob! I’m glad you’re enjoying Afrezza!

My partner EH uses Afrezza sometimes too. He doesn’t change his inhaler out all that often. Nor does he use up all the pods of insulin powder on their time schedule.

I agree about the giant package. And I wish they would make the corners of the blister packs somewhat less sharp. I trim them before putting them into a ziplock that EH carries around in his bag. Otherwise the scratch and poke holes in stuff. :-1:

Somehow we’ve got it arranged that our copay is $15 for an entire box. I think it’s a deal through the manufacturer - they were really aggressive at getting it arranged for us when we first signed up and got denied. I couldn’t believe how badly they wanted our business! With other drug or supply manufacturers/middlemen it was impossible to even get supplies from them (I’m looking at you, Byram).

Might call to ask?


No. I change it out every couple of months.

Once I open a 3-pack, I try to use it within 3 days. I don’t worry about using a box within a certain period of time though.

I love Afrezza too. It’s awesome stuff.


I often use inhaler more than 15 days, no problems.

My insurance does not cover Afrezza, and i just signed up for a discount program, available for signup until end of Feb.

Details here
Afrezza discount

For those with insurance coverage, there is a new $15 copay savings card.
Afrezza savings card


I think I swap out the inhaler about once a month. One caveat, when it’s really humid I’ll change it more frequently if the powder is clumpy/ sticks inside the inhaler.


I try to keep to 3 day rule based on when i take it out of refrigerator. I may take 1 or 2 3-cartridge packs out at a time.

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No… not at all. No issues whatsoever. I don’t even pay attention to it. Occasionally when I get really ambitious I’ll open a new one and write the number of the month on it (eg 2 for February). But then I’ll lose motivation to do it the next month. Occasionally blow backward through them to blow out any residue


Invaluable info, thanks guys! I might have to get one of those Bob Marley shirts where he’s smoking. Afrezza, Tresiba, G6, iwatch, i laugh because its so good now.

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