“Advice” from my fitness tracker

So my blood sugar is dropping faster than I expected after my lunch bolus and I am chomping down my sandwich and apple as quickly as I can when the activity tracker on my AppleWatch pings me to tell me that I really ought to take a brisk walk right now!! Gah!! :rofl:


How does it determine it is time for exercise? Is it just every once-in-a-while, like those desktop reminder things that remind you to get up from your desk and walk every hour? Or is it heart rate or food or something else that makes it remind you?

Its algorithm determined that I had not been as active this morning as other days (based on time and duration of activity as recorded by the rings). What is registered as exercise is not always clear but I do think heart rate is one element. But last week neither yoga class I took or led registered my activity. For yoga, it turns out that I need to create an option under the workout “tab” first.

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