AdvFunctionalMedicine clinics: what do you think?

I just ran into this website: They decided to follow us on twitter.

The first line of their twitter profile is: The #DiabetesReversal experts!
This makes me somewhat suspicious.

I am familiar with functional medicine, with is a very interesting movement in medicine that attempts to identify the true causes of a sickness (as opposed to the syndrome of symptoms that may be called a sickness). Functional medicine proponents may, for instance, say that diabetes is not one disease but several. But I am not sure if these people are legit functional medicine practitioners.

What do you think? Has anyone worked with them?

I think they vary and you would need to look at individual providers and evaluate their credibility… too easy to over generalize them as “legitimate” or “illegitimate” with such broad strokes.

Where I live the functional medicine clinic is legit and ran by the hospital, and the functional medicine doctor is a real MD who is actually currently the hospital chief of staff…

Other places it may be some naturopath, or some other form of doctor impersonator practicing all forms of quackery…

Case by case…

It is interesting that all of their testimonials are from type II diabetics. You don’t need to be a naturopath to understand if you get someone to go keto, and they lost some weight that they will “reverse” their diabetes and get off their medication.

On the other hand, they list like 27 other disorders that they treat, without any evidence or testimonials. So I agree with Sam that you need to evaluate on a case by case basis, and ensure they aren’t just selling you some vitamins and hope while claiming that they cure everything.