Anyone have info on Sanofi’s Admelog, recently approved by the FDA, and how it compares to Humalog and Novolog, or Fiasp for that matter? It sounds like it is basically the same as Humalog from what I can find… at a minimum I hope it helps bring prices down.


Generic humalog… biosimilar. I’m skeptical it’ll bring prices down a ton based on basaglar. Still made by one of the big three…

Don’t think we will see that happen until we see a true generic made by small players—- of course big pharma is fighting that every step of way


Actually, there is a study, possibly by the FDA, that shows prices going doing when there are, I think, three “generics” in the market. I can’t quite find it this minute. Does anyone remember this one?

In that case (in any case really), imho Admelog is a great step in the right direction!

Any competition is a step in the right direction, but as I think we’ve pretty much all realized— the big three have colluded to raise prices in lock-step for decades now—- so I really doubt that there’s any legitimate competition being brought to the table here with any offering from sanofi.

I think it’ll take a little guy outside the big three to actually undercut prices legitimately to any significant extent.