Admelog lispro: Humalog biosimilar insulin FDA approved

Better late than never… I just found out that a biosimilar (I think) to Humalog (lispro) called Admelog had been approved by the FDA in December. Here is the FDA announcement:

I believe that Admelog is biosimilar to Humalog, in the same manner as Basaglar is biosimilar to Lantus, but I could be wrong. Here is the wiki we did on Basaglar and biosimilar products:


Hopefully this will lead to some good old fashioned consumer focused competition that will bring lispro pricing out of the stratosphere.

Here’s a study of T2’s using both Humalog or Admelog and Lantus. It shows that both Lispro insulins work the same.


@docslotnick, I am intrigued by the source of your interesting study:

"Health economics experts. Managed care professionals. Key clinical specialists.

This is where the worlds of clinical, regulatory, and economical outcomes for specialized pharmaceutical biotechnology meet: The Center for Biosimilars is your online resource for emerging technologies, with a focus on improving critical thinking in the field to impact patient outcomes.

We’ll discuss the current landscape for advanced health care management—reviewing emerging treatment paradigms, approaches, and considerations—all by authoritative industry voices."

Does anyone know anything more about them?

I’m not overly optimistic as long as it’s just the big three still making insulin. Is a generic really a generic I feel it’s being made by sanofi— who’re just as guilty of the racketeering / price fixing/ gouging as anyone else?


They are a division of a primarily medical publishing company. I only know of them through one of their publications, " Dentist’s Money Digest". They provide a wide range of industry specific information, and provide clinical support information to practitioners in many different fields.
This is the parent company:

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