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Nutrition Labels and us T1s. If you’re new or old to T1, you’ve probably labored at determining dosing for carbs either by eye or by nutrition labels. I’ve used nutrition labels and a program called “MyNetDiary”; there are many alternatives. I’ve been having a running battle with breakfast and narrowed it down to peanut butter, most of which have sugar in them. I’m now using a sugar free version. I wondered about the nutrition labeling and looked it up. Sad to say nutrition labels, while better than nothing, are voluntary and almost a best guess arrangement with limits. Check out Guidance for Industry: Guide for Developing and Using Data Bases for Nutrition Labeling | FDA for yourself. Do a search for “voluntary”, “accuracy”, “80” and “120” to find most of the important information. There’s three groups of nutrition types and accuracy (if it can be called that) levels required. Basically a nutrition type can be 20% higher or lower, depending on nutrition category, and be considered “accurate” by the FDA and the databases submitted as used by business is voluntary. Then I read another article, that actually makes some sense, about how the testing is affected by when the grass the cow ate was grown, whether it was fed fertilizers, type of soil it was grown in, etc. etc.

I know we as T1s have to do a lot of guessing, approximating, and “trying it out” (MATH! Nobody told me there’d be MATH! :partying_face: :rofl:)…apparently businesses do it as well. Sorry to add to the angst of determining our dosing rituals, but better to be informed and understand the potential causes of different results than not have a clue… This doesn’t mean to throw in the towel or give up, just to understand what we’re working with! :crazy_face: