I dropped a cartridge of Novolog on the kitchen floor this morning while changing my pen and it shattered!!11!!11!!11.

What bothered me is that at today’s prices that’s almost $100 worth of insulin!

I wish I wasn’t so clumsy with my hands😉

Ouhhh, that’s the worst! They say don’t cry over spilled milk, but I think for insulin, it’s perfectly acceptable…


You’re clumsy with your hands? Do you drop tools into peoples’ larynx occasionally?


Did you forget to drink your coffee this morning?? :coffee:

Seriously, I am so sorry this happened. :crying_cat_face:


Sorry this happened to you, Doc. :frowning:

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Yes, pre coffee. I think I was almost awake when it happened though.

Only if I haven’t had my large mug of morning coffee. See above.

Instruments Sam. Instruments.


Sorry about that doc. Destroying the liquid of life, is not something any of us want to needlessly do.

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You should totally write to novalog and tell them it was defective. Who knows? Maybe it was! I’ll bet you’ve dropped a number of things throughout your life that haven’t broken. Asking couldn’t hurt.

I am so sorry though. It really sucks when you realize you just wasted a bunch of money. Even if you’ll still make rent, it still sucks.

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Our vials obviously aren’t built with Valor Glass.

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That would be awesome! But then they would probably charge $200/cartridge :confused:


So I have done a bunch of experiments on dropping pen cartridges and boxes of pen cartridges - here are my results.

Wood Floor in my kitchen (shiplap fir)
Lilly - Humalog: Never Breaks
Novo-Nordisk Levemir: The vial shatters and without the sticky label the glass will fall apart. insulin slowly leaks out. You think about trying to recover the insulin with a syringe and then you realize there are tiny pieces of glass everywhere that you do not want to inject so you just toss it in the garbage.
Novo-Nordisk Fiasp: Same poor result as Levemir.

Box of Levemir Pen Cartridges: After dropping the box some vials will be damaged, but usually not the one you take out after dropping. No - it will be the next time you take it our of the fridge to get a vial. Then the vials looks fine but there are hairline cracks in the cartridge that are covered up but the sticky tape of the label. You then put the cartridge in the pen, prime a couple units and everything is good. Then you give a large shot and it leaks all over your arm and you remember that you dropped the ()&&^ box a week ago. Of course you have no idea how much went in and how much leaked out so you stay up all night nursing a high blood sugar :cry:

Tile Floor in the bathrrom

Humalog - 50-50% change of breakage
Novo-Nordisk 100% failure rate.

It is the Novo Nordisk cartridges that are the problem.


@Aaron Did you drop all of these cartridges and boxes of cartridges on the floor on purpose for the sake of experimentation?

If you did then I think we need to take up a collection for some replacement cartridges and a medal of appreciation.

If you didn’t, then you are way clumsier than I am :wink:


Ummmm no - but I am a person who likes to make the best of a bad situation.

Yup - that is why I am not a dentist :smile:

Also - this was a long term experiment that has been going for about 18 years (I think that is probably the last time I used a vial). But I probably loose one Novo-Nordisk pen cartridge per year. And I have dropped a whole levemir pen cartridge box a couple of times.


This makes me think that we need “vial coozies” like they have beer coozies. ( I don’t even know if that is the word, but it’s those neoprene sleeves that people put on cans. I’m lucky if I can keep track of my can of beverage, let alone hunt down a coozy and apply it to said can.) It dawned on me someone else already did this.

Additionally, shame on them for making something that breaks in what would normally be a non-unusual use case – people drop stuff all the time!

Vial Protection by Securitee Blanket - Short Royal Blue https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000R81M48/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_9KO6zbEAHRGM8


I have a bunch of those in different colors for all the different insulin flavors I have in my fridge.

There are different styles, like the plastic ones, but I like those a lot.