A possible answer to occasional hypersensitivity to carbs?

Several of us have reported, in the past, occasional episodes of hypersensitivity to carbs. For us, when we are low, occasionally (rarely) we get a 20:1 mg/dl.g ratio in BG variation per carb ingested rather than our standard 4-6 mg/dl.g ratio.

For us, I am now wondering if this may be due to unusual CGM reporting delays for the previous ingestion of carbs. If the CGM, for some reason, is a bit later than usual in reporting BG changes when taking a first dose of carbs, the apparent effect of the second dose may compound the effect of the previous dose of carbs.

To test this, I have now asked my son to systematically finger-test before taking a second dose of carbs when low. In the past 2 weeks, we have not had a single example of “hypersensitivity.”

Could this possibility explain what others have seen?

Of course, I may just have jinxed it – I figure the first thing I’ll see tonight is a huge peak after taking 8 carbs to straighten out a low…

We definitely see this at night especially. For instance, last night Samson went down to the 40s on Dexcom and had three carb treatments – on finger stick he read 91. But soon after he spiked high on Dexcom. So my guess is he was actually never in the 40s, and all the carb treatment effects were cumulative. I’m not sure why this effect is so pronounced at night but maybe interstitial fluid is more sluggish at night at registering changes in blood glucose?


Also true for us!

This has been a question I’ve had for a while as well. However, for me, testing with my meter has confirmed my CGM readings.

Most of the time this anomalie is in the afternoon/ evening (but not always).


Lisa, is this typically a correction or a meal that gets you? And, if a correction, is it for a first or a second dose of carbs?

It’s typically first dose for a meal.