A parable about the IM shot and DM's twin

I sent this to DM in email earlier this year. I know I did the twin story last week for the weight gain thread, but it’s really a good way to illustrate things. So here is a different version.

Anyway, last night DM told me her IM shot did nothing. So I reminded her of the story of her twin.

DaisyMae has an identical twin. (Her evil twin is named PetuniaJune :grinning: )

They are exactly the same in every way! Perfectly identical. They are both T1D’s, they have the same IC ratio, the same correction factor, and the same insulin sensitivity. They almost always eat the same stuff, take the same amount of insulin, and their BG’s are almost always exactly the same.

One day, they did everything exactly the same. Later that night, they didn’t know why, but their BG was 200.

DaisyMae did an IM shot of 2 units. But her twin PetuniaJune did nothing.

Two hours later, DaisyMae’s BG was still 200, and she said, “That IM shot did nothing!”

But…PetuniaJune’s BG was now 275…

And PetuniaJune turned to DaisyMae and said, “Of course that IM shot did something! Look at my BG now!”

So anyway. DM said to me in email yesterday that her IM shot did nothing, because her BG barely moved. But I just wanted to post this as a reminder, that without it, it would have probably been much worse.

I know sometimes pumps don’t appear to work. It can be a pump malfunction, or bad absorption in the site, or air in the tubing.

But with IM shots, it really does always do something. It’s just not always obvious, because we might not see the number change much.

But for perspective, it helps to think about your evil twin, and what their BG is without the injection, compared to yours.

Anyway, @daisymae, there is the story of your twin that I told you I would post after your swim. :grinning:


my question is more about WHY DID MY BG GO SO HIGH in the first place??? hate it when that happens and i cant blame it on the apple pie.

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Good reminder. I still have to tell myself this after Afrezza corrections, because occasionally (coughwhen I eat pizzacough), it won’t seem to change anything. It’s very frustrating all the same, to still be “stuck” at a high number after you’ve tried to fix it.

Last night you sent me an email around 11pm with the subject line:
IM shot not working???

So I was just reminded of the twin story.

I do not know the exact particulars of why you spiked yesterday, though my first question to you on that is always, “What day are you on with your infusion site?”

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i was on my 1st day of my infusion site. (and it had been working very efficiently.)

PS: i raised my basal insulin for that hour (as this was the 3rd day in a row with this type of problem) so i will be experimenting with it tonight.

Must have been the chocolate cake! :rofl:


oh, crap! that explains everything! :rofl:

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just to share: this increase in basal worked like a charm. no problems at all last night. also, been slowly lowering my overnight/ early morning basals due to too many lows.

but, i need to admit: last night i did not eat any nuts as a snack (which i used to be able to do without any insulin), so maybe that had a little to do with my crazy spiking.

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