A way to keep track of IM basal shots on board

since i have been sick, i have been challenged, like we all get, with elevated BGs. b/c i don’t want to wait forever after giving myself a correction through my pump to bring my BGs down into target range , i prefer to give myself an IM injection in my thigh. this is nice, but how do you keep track of things like Peak time, and bolus IOB, etc???

so here’s what i started doing, and it really helps a lot:

once i give myself the manual shot, i detach my pump and bolus it for the amount of insulin that i just injected. so now, i can look at my pump and read whats going on with the “active” insulin. also, it helps with my pump’s WIZARD function which calculates for me how much of a bolus to give me when i program in my BG and my carb intake. (it deducts from the existing “IOB” that i delivered through the syringe, and not actually through my pump) this way, i am able to avoid a dramatic crash or another BG high.

hope this info helps even one person. thought i would toss it out there. and it was such an EGO BOOST, b/c i really thought it was a stroke of genius :wink:


This is a great idea DM! You are sharp! Thanks for sharing the idea.

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Thanks for sharing. I do the same thing for injections. However, for IM injections I think the timing is substantially different than subcutaneous injections (the insulin seems to work at least twice as fast for me). So for those, I just log it in my Contour Next USB meter so that I can look back and see when I took the shot.

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i log mine in my pump as if i am doing a bolus but i am disconnected, so i am not actually receiving any insulin but my pump doesnt know that, so it just shows up as IOB (or “active insulin”) this way my pump can make bolus decisions for me during the insulins timing

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