A Clinical Screening Tool Identifies T1 in Adults

A clinical screening tool identifies autoimmune diabetes in adults;
Fourlanos et al; Diabetes Care; 2006 May;29(5):970-5.

CONCLUSIONS: At least two [of 5] distinguishing clinical features are found in a majority of patients with LADA at diagnosis and can be used to identify adults with diabetes at higher risk for LADA.

tl;dr: On the basis of these findings, five distinguishing clinical features were significantly more frequent in subjects with LADA than in subjects with type 2 diabetes at diagnosis (Fig. 1). These were

  1. age of diabetes onset <50 years
  2. acute symptoms of polydipsia and/or polyuria and/or unintentional weight loss before diagnosis
  3. BMI <25 kg/m2
  4. a personal history of DR3- and/or DR4-related autoimmune disease
  5. a family history of DR3- and/or DR4-related autoimmune disease.

A majority (75%) of subjects with LADA and a minority (24%) of type 2 diabetic subjects had at least two distinguishing clinical features (LADA clinical risk score ≥2).

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Hopefully more physicians will screen for these clinical features and fewer adults with LADA will be misdiagnosed with Type 2!

I couldn’t agree more…

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I love the fact that you excerpted the salient conclusions at the top! That was great.

maybe we should do that every time :slight_smile: