630G to Omnipod?

I’m currently on a Medtronics 630G and I really hate the tube.
After listening to the JuiceBox Podcast, I’m seriously thinking of going omnipod for the tubeless and not having to disco when bathing and easier sleeping.

I checked with Omnipod and he had a special where I could get a FREE PDM and my insurance covers the pods, so cost is great.

Has anyone gone from a Medtronics to Omnipod?
What did you think?

The only reservation I’m having is with the tubing, there is no way to misplace the pump but with this system there is! It also seems like it is much larger than the pocketable 630G.

Anything else I should be aware of difference wise?

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I use medtronic, and can “push” the limit of 3 day reservoir or infusion set by a day or 2 on occasion. The omnipod has a hard stop (scream/alarm) that many have talked about.

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We are on Omnipod. As @MM2 mentioned, there is an absolute hard stop after 3 days + 8 hours. The new PDM is also a bit bulky. On the whole, we are very satisfied with the whole system.

However, if we had to make the same choice now, we would probably go for the T Slim X2, because Tandem has a significant advance (probably 2 years or more) over Omnipod on Predictive Suspend and likely on closed loop control. But these features may be more important to us (teenager) than to you. Good luck, and welcome to the forum!


Just want to clarify, if I may. The Omnipod has a hard stop, yes, but the alarm only occurs if you ignore your expiration alert(s) and the alerts during the 8-hour grace period without deactivating your pod. I.e., I have never reached the hard stop point and haven’t heard the alarm. I usually change pods after the first or second reminder beep. You can set when you want to be notified of the pod expiry time, anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, so there’s plenty of warning/time to change your pod. (You have another 8 hours after that expiration time.) Plus, your home screen always tell you the time and day when your pod will expire.

As for concern about misplacing the PDM … I guess it’s possible. I found it just became second nature to take it with me if I went out the front door, just like I put on shoes and put my keys in my pocket. And if you do lose it, it’s likely covered under your household insurance, and Insulet would ship you a replacement pronto.

I went from Medtronics/MiniMed to Omnipod. Okay, with 12 years of MDI in between. I love the tubeless aspect, and it would be very very very very very difficult to lure me back to tubing.