3D-printed snap on/off syringe label

I finally got around to a little project I’ve been meaning to do for a while- 3D printing snap-on labels for the insulin syringes I use to empty the ~16 units left in the pens when they stop working. No more forgetting what I put in there and throwing it away just to be sure! It’s so small I should switch to my 0.1mm nozzle for better resolution, but not bad for a first attempt using a 0.4mm one. Let me know if anyone wants an STL file or other format of any particular insulin or label.


Wow @bwschulz, that is awesome! Great idea, and nice work! :+1:


@bwschulz, what a cool idea!

We may well ask you for some files in the future. Very nice, and useful.

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I have a relative with 3D printer. He originally got a basic one, then “printed” parts he needed to build a bigger, better 3D printer!!


No problem. I’m planning to make ones for Basaglar & Novolog as well, so those will be easy. If you want any other names on there I can change the model pretty quickly & create new STLs. If you use Fusion360 or something else compatible I may even be able to get you the model file to edit yourself.

Syringe clips and organizers like this are really easy to design and I’m surprised there’s nothing on Thingiverse for it. They do have some really interesting hacks for replacing Dexcom transmitter batteries though: