24 hours under 100



Well it is practical for pregnancy certainly! I can attest to that. Great job!!!


Solid tips!


I really don’t know much about insulin resistance, but why not combine metformin and Jardiance?


@britt_j Ya know, I don’t know. My endo just moved in with Dr. DeFronzo, so maybe I’ll be able to ask him.


Just saw this thread and loved it. As for taking 1+ hour to eat a meal, that’s what I have to do at my desk job. I have to take 33% extra insulin and eat over the span of 3 hours. If I don’t do that, I’ll spike to 250+ and have to use a ton of corrections to come back down.

I’m also back to using caffeine for slow lows but otherwise avoiding caffeine after my morning coffee. It’s my biggest high trigger during the day.