1st 100% TIR!


My 1st time getting 100% time in range (60-140) over 24 hours !! :crazy_face::partying_face:


That’s why I don’t check that screen. Mine never says 100%.:grin:

Congratulations, lady. :heart::heart::heart:


I believe this makes you a Baller and a Shot Caller. Officially.


We’ve got a group… of ballers and shot callers. Small group of just @T1Allison and me. And now you.

Wait… was that a requirement? The 100%?? Because the group then is just the two of you. :roll_eyes:


Pssshhhtt…if we have to have 100% then it’s just @LarissaW!


Amazing!!! Way to go @LarissaW. Its so great to have these types of days!




Do you let Samson hang out at 60 if he can? We try to stay between 70 and 180 but preferably below 150.


That’s great! I think I’ve done that once or twice in the past few decades. :slight_smile:
I had a 95% in-range day the other day. Those days always feel so great.


nope. Our range is 80 to 140 (on paper). We will let him hang out in the 150s and 160s but I get antsy if I see him in the 180s. And we treat anything below 80 unless it’s like 79 + 0…


I guess my logic is that I, personally, have never come up with a sub 80 Bg on finger stick and not felt shaky and hypoglycemic. My older son is pretty much never over 100 but also never under 85 as far as I can tell, from the few times we’ve tested him. So I suspect little kids run a little higher on the lower end – and also a little lower on the higher end, so to speak.