Why should I exercise?

Why should I exercise?

Your heart is a muscle. Exercising your heart is the same as exercising other muscles. By increasing the demand on it during exercise, you make it bigger and stronger. Just like doing pushups.

A bigger and stronger heart means it can push blood easier. If you exercise for 30-90 minutes a day, your heart has an easier time for the remaining 22.5-23.5 hours in the day.

If you need a good reason to begin an exercise program, here are a few…

  • Exercise boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This will help your blood flow easier, and reduce the risk of future cardiovascular disease.

  • Exercise can aid in weight loss.

  • Exercise can increase your insulin sensitivity and reduce the amount of insulin required.

  • Exercise will speed up insulin absorption (during the exercise).

  • Exercise will give you more energy and improve your metabolism.

  • Exercise will make it easier to fall asleep at night.

  • Exercise will improve your respiratory system. You will be able to get oxygen to your muscles easier. If a walk to the mailbox or walking up the stairs used to make you feel winded, that feeling will improve over time.

  • Exercise induces your body to increase your mitochondrial density. Mitochondria are cellular structures that function as power plants in the cells. Mitochondria burn carbs and amino acids and fatty acids for energy and give ATP which is the cellular form of energy which is used by cellular processes throughout the body. More is better with mitochondria.

  • Exercise can lead to increases in capillary density and improved capillary function. Capillaries supply blood and oxygen to muscles and remove waste.

  • Exercise will improve your mood.

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this is so clear and so simple. why didnt they teach us this in grade school? (LOL)


Everything I ever needed to learn, I learned on diabetes unlimited forum! :slight_smile:

As we celebrate the Holidays Season (starting from Thanksgiving to the Lunar Feast) enjoy, be merry, and dose accordingly, whether your medication of choice be insulin, Afreeza, or something else! and oh yeah…try to get in some exercise.