Which meter is more accurate?

Does anyone have any real data about which BG meters are most accurate?

During a recent high, I measured my blood sugar with two meters and got pretty different results (same finger, back to back measurements).

OmniPod’s built-in Freestyle: 281
Freestyle Flash Lite: 240

So, being off by 14% is great - especially in a case like this where if I inject to correct 181 points (281 down to 100) but I’m actually at 240, I’ll end up at only 59.

I enjoy the FreeStyle Lite because it is small in size, has a light, and takes only 0.3 microliters of blood (and is there far easier to use than some). But if the data is untrustworthy maybe I should look elsewhere.


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@EricH When this happens again try testing on each meter twice with different finger sticks for each one.

I can almost guarantee you that you will get four different results that are about 10-15% different from each other.

That’s just a common problem with Bg meters outside of a more normal Bg range.

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Those number are within the error range for any bg meter. From my reading, you have one of the better meters, although we don’t get to use it with our current insurance.

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In comparing between 2 meters this actually isn’t bad at this range. There’s all kinds of data out there and lab reviews and all that, the problem is that one person will get completely different results from another and from a laboratory…


I don’t tend to expect meters to be that reliable at that range–I’d split the difference. Aim for dropping around 160—if you’re targeting 100, that probably would land you somewhere between 80-120 depending on which result is more accurate, and if you need to nudge it slightly later, your results at that point will be more reliable (still not perfect though).