Using alcohol to slow down gluconeogenesis

Alcohol prevents gluconeogenesis. This is handy for larger amounts of protein.

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Does is simply delay it, or prevent it altogether?

It seems to prevent it. I emphasize “seems” as it may just slow it down so much that it trickles in and works with my slight over-basal for fat?

This is something that I’ve been meaning to research on a rainy day…

I’d also add that it doesn’t take much alcohol for me. 120 ml of a low residual sugar, high alcohol content wine or 15 ml of rum or vodka work well.

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So interesting. I know that the liver prioritizes alcohol processing before insulin/glucose. It was not quite clear to me what exactly happens with the postponement. I would love to read more about this.

[EDIT] This prioritization, btw, is what kills a good number of Type 1s in early adulthood.

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Perhaps the kidney clears the alcohol before the hepatic pathway returns to its usual state?

That makes total sense. But by then the gut may have processed food further? So possibly there is (a lot) less protein available for gluconeogenesis?

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