United Health Care subscribers can now get Omnipods!

We were just contacted by an Insulet representative that asked if we were still interested about getting K on Omnipod (our request from 5 years ago). She told me that it is now possible to get an Omnipod pump on UGC insurance plans!

If UHC actually accepts Omnipod requests, this would be a huge victory for the D community. It is unconscionable for an insurance company to dictate the medical solution a patient should use, when there is no absolute equivalence in how to applies to all patients.

As for us, we had already successfully appealed UHC refusal, thanks in great part to @Eric 's documentary help, so we’ve been on Omnipod for 4 years. But many have been turned down and decided not to pursue the full appeal process. So now is the chance to try again!

If you do try it, please let us know here if you are successful: it would be good to validate that United Health Care is actually coming through.

[EDIT] OK, I am now realizing that this happened a long time ago, right as we left on our Euro adventure…


The whole thing was strange how it unfolded.

I heard about it when they first said they would do this. But I could never find any documentation on their site stating it officially. Then at some point, it looked like they had changed course and would not actually do it.

So I was not sure if this was now being approved or not.


Similar for Tandem.