UK Drugmaker, Fraud Settlement

I am type 1, and I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (IR) in 1998. That was 53 years after my diagnosis. My Internal Med Doc prescribed Avandia. He did not believe that Metformin should be used by T1D’s. I used Avandia for 9 years, and there were warnings that it might cause heart problems. My doctor then prescribed Actos. I never had problems with Avandia, but it did not help me much with my IR. The Actos caused noticeable swelling in my hands and ankles. In 2010 I was seeing an endo. and she diagnosed Metformin ER, 2000 mg per day. In less than two years I had lost all of the weight I had gained. My IR improved, and I stopped the Metformin. That is my status today.

The New York Times has presented an article about fraud involving Avandia and other medications produced by the British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline. I am very lucky that Avandia did not cause me any problems.