Tslim X2 Piston Squeaking when Filling

My x2 squeaked while filling a new cartridge today, first time. Not sure if this is something that is common or should I call tech support? I’ve had my animas vibe/ping for 13 years and it never squeaked with that rotating screw piston thing. Thoughts?

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You might call tech support anyway but the x2 has no piston thingy like the Animas did. It is a completely different insulin delivery system based on air pressure. There was a complete explanation of the x2 delivery system made on this forum in the last 6 months. You may wish to look it up. Did you mean that this was your first time filling a cartridge? My x2 squeaks when filling the tubing each and every time. It is somewhat like a wheezing in-breath that it takes every few “puffs” out. Normal. That’s what it does.


Thanks yes that is it. Never did it before, now I know. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

The Tandem cartridge has an empty plastic bag inside, and when you first start filling it with insulin it makes a sound as the plastic opens up. To me it sounds more like expanding plastic than a squeak.

If you reuse a cartridge it doesn’t make the sound. You can confirm that by saving a syringe and just injecting water in an old one before you throw it away.

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