Travel dosing strategy

So, just curious, how do y’all approach dosing for food while traveling? We’ll be going on a trip soon, where many meals will consist of either fried seafood or boiled seafood with potatoes, corn, etc (YUM). I only get enough Afrezza for 3 doses/day, so I’m planning to use Novolog primarily and save Afrezza for corrections I’m sure I’ll need, but…I’ve been really lazy lately, using Afrezza for most things, and my insulin needs have been kind of erratic, so I’m not entirely sure what my ICR even is at the moment - when I dose Novolog these days, I’m usually eating things I eat every day so know exactly what to dose, or I, erm, guesstimate. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a tough one. I usually accept the fact thet my BGs won’t be as good when I am away. I TRY to stay away from really high carb foods that I won’t be able to guesstimate well (not always successful). Even if I manage to stay within target, my BGs tend to go up and down a lot. I do a LOT of Sugar Surfing - I watch my CGM very carefully and try to catch trends before they get out of hand.

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Thanks! I do have a Libre now, so that should help. I don’t eat any of these foods on a regular basis, ha, so I’m in unknown territory. I’ll probably do a mix of indulging one or two nights, and sticking to my usual (attempts at a) grain-free/potato free diet the rest of the trip. I’ve already resigned myself to not perfect nights, especially the night we arrive - I have celiac disease, and there’s a completely gluten free Mediterranean restaurant, with pita and flatbreads, mmmmmm. :yum:

What I find helps is using an app to calculate the carbs I am eating. Even if the restaurant you are eating in isn’t in the app, there are usually other restaurants that have similar dishes. I have been using ‘Lose It’ for a long time and it helps a lot. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

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When I’ve vacationed using Humalog, I made sure to always have lots of fast-acting carbs that I could use to offset aggressive dosing.

I find that it can be a little easier to dose more when you’re guesstimating and correct on the back-end. Highs can take a long time to correct, and that can be really frustrating when you’re on vacation. If you’re walking a lot though, then you may want to adjust the definition of aggressive because you’ll likely need less insulin anyway.

Sounds like a fun trip! I looooove seafood! I hope you have a fabulous time :smile:


If you are travelling someplace popular, you could always use Macro Freak, it lets you put in the macro’s you are looking for, then searches the nearby restaurants and shows you what they have on offer that fits within your settings. Of course the problem with this approach is that mostly larger chains publish this info, so it skews to places you have likely already eaten at, which for us is a problem.

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I’m going to Italy next month and accept that I will be eating very high uncountable carb meals (and also exercising quite a bit) so my numbers won’t be great. It will be fine. I tend to do what @Katers87 does and overbolus then snack.


Depending on which restaurants you choose, I think Italy offers some great options for reasonable carb meals. We often had great dinners with a vegetable course, pasta course, meat and or fish course, and then dessert. 90% of the time, I couldn’t make it past the meat or fish course. Just too much food.


Thanks for all the advice! I’ll have to make sure I stock up on more candy when we arrive. :wink: I had a “test night” tonight, eating pizza that I haven’t eaten in…a long time? Guesstimating and dosing according to Libre trends, and it worked out really well, considering, so I’m encouraged.


I’ll be eating refugio communal food for half the trip and whatever who’s turn it is in my group makes at the airbnb for the other half. So probably very high carb… For those types of meals, I dose for 100 carbs and correct/snack as needed later. Lots of exercise too to also compound it. I’ll most likely reduce my basal by a bit because of all the hiking planned too.

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On my travel I have a little more trouble with portion control than guessing carb factors. When I am sitting in a restaurant with a plate of delicious Italian food and some red wine in front of me my brain turns to mush and I eat it all. For the high fat/high carb pasta dishes, guesstimating a smaller dinner portion (and lower carb amount) than actually consumed created some slow rising 11PM to dawn highs which I struggled to correct with Humalog.

Depending on where you’re staying a lot of European hotels include a breakfast buffet. Some have a limited selection of low carb items but lots of pastries.

I am considering carrying my food scale with me on my next trip to get a better feel for “actual carbs” consumed. Also I have found that Fiasp works quite well for after meal corrections and plan to use it on my next trip.

Most of the restaurants in the US are required to have a nutritional chart available. Most will have a hard copy, or at least an online site which will list carbs. I also use “” to write down everything I eat. It then gives you the carbs of each food and totals them for the meal. You can set it up for fats, calories, sodium, etc… This is what I use to adjust my Novolog. I hope you have a fabulous trip.

Thanks for all of the advice. So far so good, bolusing more aggressively while doing a mix of prepping and eating my own “normal” food, and eating some of the meals we’re preparing together - like last nights splurge of fried (freshly caught) fish, French fries, and ice cream for dessert; never went over the 120s. :yum:

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Damn, that is one nice sounding meal! What kind of fish?

Redfish and bluefish. This morning my brother in law caught a 14 lb bluefish, but we’ll be grilling them, so easier to bolus for, at least!

Nice, sounds delicious.