"The myth of sky-high drug prices"

It is the title of an article in TheHill.com:

The author is a “professor” at University of Maryland, who spent, I think, 13 years as a director at AstraZeneca and Sanofi. He is able to push many of my buttons - a good performance, given that the article is rather short.

This is another one of these articles where I’d like to go commenting line by line. My temper is up right now :slight_smile:

The comments to the article are interesting btw.

My favorite quote is:

"Insurers are also striking “value-based pricing” agreements with drug companies…

These deals prevent insurers and patients from paying hefty fees for medicines that are only marginally effective. When it comes to drug pricing, the facts are often overlooked in favor of politically popular soundbites."

Like the insurance company is going to rebate the co-pays that the consumer paid. It may protect the insurance company from the high price if the drug is ineffective, but it in no way protects the consumer. Other than if you make the case I guess that it would come off the market sooner or something like that.

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