Thanks @Eric, Young Jedi Master, Shocked Parents

So, the day is moving along normally, and my kids get home from school. My T1 owns up to the fact that he didn’t have a Dexcom working and forgot to bring his meter to school. What should he do; Call his dad who is 15 minutes away, use the one in the office for just this case, or decide to be a young Jedi Master?

Well, from my title you can tell which direction he went. While not what I or I am sure his doctors would recommend, he took control, gave himself 5 small doses of insulin when he felt high, treated two lows, dosed and ate lunch, and walked in the door at 4 pm with a bg of 89.

Not how the plan was drawn up, but his Jedi training pulled him through. Children…[palm smacks forehead]


Dang, that is awesome!

I am glad to hear that the lost art of using The Force is still alive in some parts of the galaxy.

The Last Jedi is opening this weekend, but Cody may well be The Next Jedi!

Well played Cody!



Good for him. I think functioning without a meter and / or cgm should be absolutely mandatory training, until a level of proficiency is reached (and then refreshed regularly), for absolutely every T1


@Chris, what a GREAT story, this is truly awesome!

Of course, as a father I am worried too. Last summer we lost our CGM while kayak camping on Lake Superior, then one of our backup meters, and had only one left. I was considering if we would have to do a very long kayak trip straight back to shore and weighing the possibility of asking my son to go Jedi…


I am hesitant about telling my son about this thread or hiding it from him btw:-)