Teenagers scaring u so when they're low

Had the scariest night. My 16 year old daughter was acting weirdly during the day ( might call it teenage behavior)not answering us or talking about what was bothering her . My husband tried explaining to her or reason with her that she must tell us whats wrong . Suddenly I get a low notification and ran over, I saw my husband grabbing her humalog pen ( which she hasn’t used in a year since omnipod) and scolding her why she just bolused with it. Notification showed 54 bg . Was terribly confused. I’ve been having wrong dexcom readings when she was high so now I’m thinking that it took a while to show her low and that’s why she was acting irrationally? Or did she do it out of spite? My mind was racing all night and couldn’t sleep. Getting her to eat or drink is itself almost impossible when she’s low. So now I just poured drink down her throat by force and wondered what the heck she did? Or did she know what she was doing? I need to get a good therapist aka shrink aka social worker asap. Recommendations please for NYC female professional? That’s first. Up until now I didn’t think she needs it. But I’m so scared and confused.
Teenagers! I can’t stop feeling bad for her. And on the other hand thinking that she did it to have an excuse for acting like one.


I am sorry you are going through that. My 16 year old son has fortunately never made a mistake like that when he was already low, also he would need to be much lower than 54 to be acting incoherently, but the sensor might have been lagging if she was changing fast.

Did the sugary drink bring her back? What did she say after? I am not in the NYC area, so I don’t have any recommendations for professionals. Good luck with managing this. Any management with my teenager currently is met with quite a bit of resistance.

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Thank you for responding. For now she claims she has no recollection so will see if happens again. Her Dr claims the low very possibly caused her irrationality.


So sorry this happened and for your anxiety! I don’t have any recommendations for anyone you can talk to. I know personally if I get low really fast then my cognitive abilities definitely can get impaired which is really scary. Were you able to talk to her to see if she remembered it happening and what she was thinking (if she was able to!)? Having been through the teenage years as a diabetic I know for her it can be so frustrating and the last thing she may want to talk about. But for your ease of mind (and her wellbeing), following up on the situation with her and how lows get handled might be a good idea moving forward


Thank you. Trying to find right moment to ask her. Not ez with teenagers. Managing lows with her is a battle. She refuses to eat or drink…

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That’s really scary

Are you familiar with baqsimi ?


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