T1 with insulin resistance

I laughed out loud when I read that! 15g carbs for me means 15-20 units, depending on time of day😭

WOW! So you have recently developed insulin resistance or have you always taken so much! And did your doctors think about giving you something else like metformin for the insulin resistance?

Holy mackerel @docslotnick !!!

So your I/C ratio is 1g/1u?

@TiaG @mikep I/C has been creeping up over the past ten years. Although I inherited T1 from my maternal grandfather, virtually everyone else on my maternal side developed T2 in their fifties. So I guess I was likewise genetically blessed.

I had been taking metformin for about five or six years until last year when my endo switched me to an SGLT2 inhibitor. When I subsequently asked him about taking so much insulin, his exact words were " take as much as you need". This is not some fly by night endo. He is on the same team with Dr. Defronzo at UTSA, and is quite well published over the past thirty five years.


interesting. I’m in the same boat as you – strong genetic disposition to T2. On my dad’s side, he has 10 siblings and something like 6 or 7 have T2.


I hope your insurance doesn’t charge you by the vial, wow that would be a big bill.

Of course, the alternative is worse…


@Chris My insulin copay this year is shocking. First rx my copay was about $400 for the month just for novolog. I quickly got the novolog card and that dropped it to about $300/mo. copay.

With insurance I spend about $1000/mo controlling diabetes, between the insulin and Dexcom and test strips. I’m thankful I can afford it.

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Yes, this disease is shocking even when everything is “normal”. We pay about $250-$300 per month. I worry about my son having to go out in the world with a car payment every month, but no car…


@docslotnick, did you find that things have been dramatically worse for you since going off metformin?

I seem to have some IR going on, but I’m having to verify that before my next appointment. Working on some excel charts now to clarify the issue.

I’ve tried to mention repeatedly to my doc that I think I’m becoming more insulin resistant… I often take 1:4 IC with novolog…

His usual response is “you are nowhere near insulin resistant, I have patients taking 500-700u/day”

@Irish I seem to take a bit more insulin since stopping metformin. But the SGLT2 inhibitor has kept my highs much lower. A1c has been pretty constant at 5.6-5.9 over the course of both drugs.

YIKES! And I thought I took a lot of insulin.

My wife had a co-worker that took 300units of Lantus twice daily, and then used fast acting for his meals. They publish papers about these people…Not a good club to join me thinks, unless you own stock in the pharma company. You would think they would give them a frequent flyer discount.

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I can’t imagine the cost associated with this amount of insulin!

Hopefully they have a fixed copay…

Mine costs me $75 for a 90 day supply for each prescription no matter how much I use

So just for novo, tresiba, strips, needles, afrezza I’m at 300 for 90 days or 100/ month… that’s not bad at all

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I’m having trouble reading your facial expressions

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What about something like Jardiance?

LMAO let me put into words . . . HOLY SH!T!!!

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Yes, that’s what I’m taking now. It’s the SGLT2 inhibitor my doc switched the metformin for.