Summer...Fun Filled with Diabetes Challenges

Well the summer is in full swing and all of the challenges that come with it. Son went to diabetes camp, and of course had a great time and crappy control since the physician was the only one doling out insulin. One week didn’t kill him. Found out that the new game 14 year olds are playing at camp is called “uncomfortable” where one of your friends starts their finger on one of your body parts and moves it around until you say “uncomfortable”. Ahh, to be young again…

Now that he is back, we are faced with the myriad different schedules we keep, heading into the wilderness as many weekends as possible, baseball tournaments, sun, unusual food combinations, eating out more than normal, etc etc.

I wouldn’t dream of doing things differently because he has diabetes, but man it is soooooo much easier when he is in school.

How do you win this game and what do you get if you do?

Well in my “old-person” estimation, I think everyone won.

However, in the new-age world we live in, the boys were certainly the perpetrators and the young ladies the victims, and they have all contributed to the objectification of others, hormones not withstanding.

We played that game as high schoolers. It was just known as “dating”! :smile:


I think being an adolescent/young adult is sufficiently “uncomfortable”. Wow - they now have to be subjected to playing a game by that name!

Have you all found that your basal insulin demand decreases during the warmer months? It is not activity oriented, but rather simply temperature affected. I’ve decreased my Tresiba dosage by 2 units since about June. My bolus (Novolog) seems to be the same.

Yes, it is a factor.

It has been discussed in a few threads. I think most recently in a thread by @catlady.

I mention it a bit here:



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The first person to say “uncomfortable” has to take a shot of whiskey

There. I just said it 4 times.

Sam, I can really say that you understand 14 year olds, whiskey is a perfect addition to their game. In other adolescent notes, my son told my wife and I (when we threatened to play the game) that he would need a new stereo with really loud speakers and he would play a shoot em up video game the whole time non-stop shooting the machine gun. :wink:

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@Chris, I so feel for you. In fact, I am you :slight_smile: We had the same pb at D camp btw…