Starting to figure out correction doses


To be fair, my pancreas and whatever else have been kinda/sorta functioning a bit so far and that seems to have smoothed things out to an extent. It’s getting more complicated as time goes by. My usual breakfast requires more than that, but I’m not sure yet if it’s time of day, or the fact that my usual breakfast includes toast. I start pumping next week and am excited to be able to experiment with finer dosing increments and see if I can’t fine tune some of this stuff better.


My ICRs were pretty steady there for a while. Now…I eat mostly the same things and know how much I usually dose for them, so I dose a little more than that depending on where I’m at in my cycle (struggling with some major changes there!) and hope for the best. Afrezza helps whenever I eat something different…though I just realized tonight I thought I had 10 more days’ worth, and I’ve got…none. :fearful: