Something you hate to see at school

I caught the BG curve on my phone at 81 with double arrows down. I have to fight the urge to drive over… But my son would hate it if I did :slight_smile:

Since the curve is concave I am assuming he took some sugar already. But you still worry.


I’m sure he did!

Can’t help but worry though! I’m sure he would appreciate your constraint… maybe I should be glad cgms weren’t around when I was a teenager :wink:.


Did you reach out to him when you saw it? When I’m out and I see this and if I can’t reach anyone, that’s when I get then most afraid… Has he been treated? Is Erin aware? The what if game…


Same here :slight_smile:

His phone service at school is not very good, and the school compels wifi users to login with an aggressive time-out policy. The outcome is that, most of the time, I am not able to be in touch with him.

But, when I am, he rarely replies to me. So I never really know if he got a msg from me. He doesn’t like it when I contact him, like all preteens/teens. He tends to ignore me. As @Chris and @rgcainmd have mentioned in the past, our teens are jealously guarding their right to manage their condition. And that’s good, really: it is the right thing for their future.

Most of the time, I just ignore what happens at school on my Dexcom share, because I know he will take care of it. But I must say that double arrow down at 81, with a drop of 40+ in the past 5 minutes, and no inflection at all in the curve (at the time) shook me.

He apparently took 30 grams of skittles, and manually tested about 15 minutes later at 77. He did the right thing. He even did it all while playing volleyball, so it was really cool to see he is able to multi-task like that: it’s quite difficult for a kid to monitor his/her BG while in a sports activity.


Like you that would bother me greatly, fortunately, our cell coverage is good at school, and I am able to message him. He doesn’t always answer, but at least I feel better about having messaged. Additionally, I only try to look at it twice a day or so, when we know he is often low, so i don’t “over-parent”. Our real value right now is waking him up when he doesn’t for the 300’s at night.

Can the school give his device special access with the wifi network? They should be able to using his MAC address. I would ask.


Do you guys do event markers on your Dexcom app? One of the main advantages I see with mine on the iPhone is that I enter every time I dose insulin and how much (can do the same for carbs etc but I really only find value in tracking insulin doses)

It makes looking back at traces like this much more informative

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I never thought of asking. But now I will, thank you for the idea!

@Chris, you were funny as always, but I must say this rings deep and true. Right now, I feel that my primary value as a parent is to keep him alive or not going towards DKA at night.

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We log everything (insulin, food, and sometimes exercise) on an electronic diary app that is shared that we can all look at. That’s how we find out what my son is doing for treatment etc. in real time, when he does not forget to log. So we have never played with event makers.

Are event markers shared on the Dexcom share, or only available to the primary app?

I don’t use share, so I’m not sure…

Do the event markers overlay on the bg trace the way you log it? That’s pretty key…

They don’t. Track overlay would make a huge difference. I am trying to use the Glooko app to meld all the info, but not successful yet. I am also pursuing Nightscout at the same time. It is primarily the lack of time that is the cause of my lack of success, I am sure.

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With the iPhone app every event makes a little dot on he trace, and when you scroll back through the trace with your finger each dot is highlighted and you can read the event “12:09 pm 6 u insulin” “3:00 pm 45 minutes moderate exercise” 5:30 pm 45g carbs” etc

It’s an absolute must to have the data points overplayed on the curve imo… it’s all right there in the Dexcom app, imo it’s the main benefit the Dexcom provides, when used to best it’s a powerful learning tool

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It seems like a great thing for an adult user!

For us, though, we really need to share the rest of the data too. Asking for logging once is already very difficult and not always followed, but requiring to log events twice would be impossible. So another system is needed for us. Hopefully I will be able to make Glooko do what we need (or Nightscout).

Agreed. That would be unrealistic and not productive. When I use the Dexcom I log only one thing, bolus insulin doses overlayed on the trace… everything else there is infinitely less important.

Imagine the trace above with little dots on the timeline/bg curve just indicating when bolus was taken and nothing else… it’d be blatantly obvious what happened, what caused what, and how to get a better result next time… All the multitudes of information logged elsewhere from the bg curve cant really provide that


Ugh, that is the worst. Usually we see the double arrows down LOW when he’s with us, but there have been a few frightening periods like that at school.

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Ooof… but yeah I’m with Kaelan. Don’t drive over.

I’m so unbelievably thankful I was out of the house with stable hormones. I still think if my parents had any sort of data access they would be on the next flight here if they saw that.

I have a 257 with a double up right now. I had ramen an hour ago. 52g carbs and I’ve taken 7units. My old ratio of 1:20 for lunch is definitely not working anymore.

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For something like ramen it really seems like timing matters more than total dose to me. If you’d have puffed an 8u afrezza when you were done eating I bet you’d have stayed nearly perfectly flat

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It may be something else though. With the amount of sports you do possibly different levels of training across the week may affect you?

My son’s ratios definitely vary with the amount of sports practices of the past couple of days or more.