Social benefits of inhaling insulin vs injecting

As many of you know I’m a big fan of afrezza. In trying to explain its benefits, one theme I keep coming back to in my mind is the superiority in the social context.

Injecting medications is absolutely perceived as gross by the vast majority of people who don’t have to do it every day. Whether we like it or not, it just is… It is an action that, in the eyes of most, is rightly done only by a doctor or nurse wearing latex gloves in the privacy of a clinical setting-- certainly not somewhere like at a dinner table at a restaurant. I do not agree with those perceptions of course, but I believe that’s the general thought process.

This is a very liberating aspect of afrezza with its small discreet inhaler. Dosing in public is no longer a concern or a consideration for several reasons. It is no longer an invasive medical procedure that must be done every time you eat and the social implications heavily weighed in every setting… It’s just the simple act of holding your hand up to your face and breathing.

How many times have you had to take an injection in front of others and then feel obligated to offer a big explanation of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, maybe what the different types of diabetes are, maybe the history of how its not your fault etc etc… why did you feel the need to do that? Because its a socially very awkward situation in many cases…

This is a profound advantage in my mind in favor of afrezza. Attached see a picture of the inhaler disappearing almost completely in my closed hand. I could be talking face to face, having a conversation, on a date, at a business meeting, anywhere and inhale this without anyone even noticing.

(Note-- I use both injected and inhaled bolus every day, but when in social settings I vastly prefer inhaled)


Yes, I can imagine this would be vastly preferable once our kid gets to that stage. Though a pump is pretty inconspicuous we’ve found.

Also, what a great view!

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This is an ugly day here… I have a 200+ degree unobstructed view from the compound and can see 5 different glaciers from my deck… love it here

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Badass view. I vote our first FuDiabetes get together is at @Sam 's compound . . . now we have to figure out transportation.

Now back on topic - Sam there is ZERO doubt that inhaled is easier and much less invasive for both the user and the general public alike.


I’d love to get my boat out there. Any good fish in those waters? Great view! I’m sure when our son gets older, we’ll be introducing the other methods (if there isn’t a cure by then!) that he can select from in those social encounters where he may not want to use the tradition pump method.

Thanks for sharing the great pic!

This is the halibut fishing capital of the world… also have year round king salmon, and massive runs of silvers and sockeyes… and all sorts of rock fish / ling cod etc. this is one of the biggest fishing destinations in the world

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Okay, I vote Sams place then. Although, I don’t have tackle for any of those fish types, so I’ll have to borrow some of yours. :smiley: I do mostly Bass, Trout, Perch, etc., All the stuff here in VA.

Charters are the way to go around here you need a super serious (like $6 figure) boat to get anywhere around here. A fishing trip here is a once in a lifetime experience… your trout rod won’t work here…

Google image search “homer Alaska fishing”

I could be…on a date

Does your wife know about these dates

She could be my date

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In fact going fishing tomorrow… pics to follow

Fished twice last week…would have been more if not for the rain and thunderstorms that seem to have known I was on spring break (my kids) vacation…

btw @Sam I’d add dosing while driving to be a major advantage of Afrezza. So easy to puff rather than inject. I know it’s not exactly a social benefit but still wanted to include.

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